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First In The Group
by Ron Hewitt

Within the walls of my tiny apartment live with me Gaxon, a female Tortoiseshell Calico; Michael a female silver tabby; Lazarus a black smoked tabby and Mickey a brown/gold/yellow/black and white spotted tabby. They are my soul mates. The most sacred place within the walls of my tiny apartment is my writing studio. I spend more hours a day here than I do anywhere else. I haven’t always lived this way.

Throughout my forties I passed through a mid life crisis. I got divorced - am beginning to reacquaint myself with my children who are adults now, came out of the closet, filed bankruptcy, retired out of the navy, graduated with a masters degree and watched my mother die. Most of what happened to me along the way ; I admit, I did to myself. Fortunately a loving family remained at my side to this day. In 1992 I began the process of rebuilding a life for myself. I was $10,000.00 + in red ink and was working in a dead end job. There is no excuse for a single man to be in debt.

I was smoking nearly two packs a day and giving away another two packs a day. When I say I was smoking two packs a day I mean that while I was seated at the computer I would light up a cigarette sit it in the ash tray and let it smolder as I wrote. I could never understand why the debt wasn’t getting paid off faster than it was. May 31, 1996.

I write checks for all I purchase. I got into my check book and totaled the amount I had spent on cigarettes from January to May 31 of that year. I was spending over $200. a month on cigarettes so I could put myself into the hospital to acquire a debt that I would never be able to pay off!
I quit smoking then and there and applied the $200. a month that had been going up in smoke towards payment on the debt. Quitting smoking was easier than I thought.

Paying off the debt was another issue. I had so many bills that I scotched taped them to a wall opposite where I sit while writing. When ready to pay a bill, I would toss a dart with a suction cup attached to it’s end at the bill papered wall. The bill that got hit with the dart was the one paid - either a full or particle payment. It didn’t matter.

May 31 of 1998 I am debt free. When I quit smoking I weighted 240 pounds. By the end of 1997 my weight soared to 299! Food became the new addiction. I went back into therapy; found a dietitian in my area and make a firm commitment to get the flab off. From Thanksgiving of 1997 through May I have lost 30 pounds. My goal is 200 pounds and I will do this. I read one short story a day and write six lines a day and I hold myself accountable to this task, too. I write because there is nothing else I’d rather do with my life. Writing is good therapy. I have a quote of Indira Gandhi framed and hanging on my wall in my writing studio:

“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people:
those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try
to be in the first group: there was much less competition.”

These days, I try to remain in the first group.

Here is how I came to know SETH and Jane Roberts:

In 1981 I retired out of the navy; got a divorce, came out of the closet, filed bankruptcy, watched my mom die of cancer and graduated with a master's degree in counseling. My biological parents are dead - dad died when I was five and mom died when I was 10. Adopted parents are also gone as is my biological brother which I never knew. Only my sister, Marie, and I remain. We are very close now after having found one another 38 years after my adoption. I used to be so miserable, wanted to die, had travels through all types of religions - none of which satisfied me. One day a counseling friend of mine, while I was still on active duty - pulled a book out of his desk drawer and gave it to me. That book was called SETH Speaks and forever changed my life. I am a free lance writer now and on the key board I have a SETH pronouncement: "You Make Your Own Reality Wherever You Travel And In Whichever Dimension You Find Yourself". I cried for days after I read SETH Speaks. Now I have a library of nearly everything Jane Roberts wrote. I believe in reincarnation and karma without question and know that I am loved far beyond any prior understanding of love I had. I no longer fear death; thanks to SETH. Death is a process of becoming and far less painful than birth!

About the Author
Ron Hewitt...  My first contact with the SETH material occurred in late 1979 when I was about to retire out of the navy. I was an emotional wreck and didn't know how to fix whatever it was that was ailing me. A counselor friend of mine; much older than I at the time and now into his next life cycle, gave me SETH Speaks. I read the entire book that night, reread the book over the next few weeks. At the time I was 39 and never had experienced literature anywhere that empowered the "self" to take charge of the "self".

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