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Games to Build Understanding
by Patsy Davis

The Name It & Claim It
I invite all of you to join me in this game. Remember that what we think and claim is what we create. The consciousness has no limits to its ability except that it will create only what we choose and when we do not consciously choose anything and continually change our mind and give energy to the rational approach which is bound by space and linear time, then it is small wonder that we feel we are never going to accomplish our goal. The trick is that first we must name and claim a goal and then just concentrate on living each moment to its fullest. Our consciousness will take care of the rest. Remember to look for the events that give you
pleasure, you know, that warm feeling that makes you glad to be alive and fills you with happiness. Then go back to your earliest memory and find that feeling and follow it to the present day. You will find your calling and then claim it.

The Money Game
When you have compose yourself in bed before going to sleep. Imagine a pot of money containing bills of all different denominations such as: 10s, 20, 50s 100s, and 1000 filling the pot to overflowing, right above your body near the ceiling. Now, imagine the pot turning over and the bills falling all over your body until you are covered with them. Feel the money as it covers your body. Then forget it and go to sleep. Do this exercise for 3 consecutive nights and then forget about it. A week later, review what has happen in your life regarding money or your income. Do not think about the exercise during the intervening time, just be alert to any event which involves your finances.

Play With Magic
Game 1...
Have you ever rode a cloud? You haven't, then it is time you did. It helps to do this with children because they are so good at riding clouds and sliding down rainbows. Just relax and look at the sky. Select a nice fluffy one and close your eyes and focus on your inner landscape. See your cloud. Just grab the end of it and pull it down to ground level and step on to it. Set down and get conformable and enjoy the ride. Look over the side and watch the landscape as it flows by. The hills and valleys and the mountains. Hey look to your right, see that bird flying along with us. Be careful the air currents are pretty bumpy right here. Hang on tight. How are you enjoying your ride. Well it is time to go home. Just visualize your home and you will be there. Now lower the cloud to ground level and hop off. See, that wasn't so hard, was it. Tomorrow we will slide down a rainbow using the same magic.

Game 2...
Programing a parking place. As you drive to the parking lot, visualize a parking space right in front of the store you are going to and then forget about it. When you enter the parking lot, drive right to that spot and park your car. It will be empty by the time you get there.See there it is and you don't even have to wait for it.

Game 3...
Changing traffic lights to green. When you start your car just imagine all traffic lights will be green as you approach them and then forget about it. Voile, they are green. Wasn't that easy. If you have a child in the car with you, let them do it. They are so good at magic.

About the Author:
Patsy Davis lives in Seattle, WA. In 1998, she and her husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  At present she has 4 children and 9 grand-children.   Patsy states, "My life has been a grand adventure and I wouldn't change a single event because this is my expression and I am a Speaker." Also see
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