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A Conversation With AZ
by Jeane Robinson

When asked, "Why is it possible for so much channeling to take place now?", AZ answers: "Understand that there is a shift in consciousness taking place now. Mankind has an evolution of spirit. It is a time when oneness of all things comes into focus in the history of mankind on this planet. It is not that we have not been communicating for all time, but that the appropriate need is upon the earth. What is given is useful to the masses, rather than to only certain individuals. So there is an awakening taking place. Your peace movement, your movement to ban nuclear weapons and nuclear industry, your ecological movement, all of these spring from the understanding of oneness."

The following is an excerpt of a conversation with AZ, taken from the transcript of a monthly group meeting.

AZ: Be now.

Q: What would be most important for people to know about you?

AZ: I would give you that we wish to serve. We wish not to lead the way, but to lift light that you may see your own way. We bring to you a larger spectrum of conscious understanding, different viewpoints that we share. While only one of us, in a sense, is the spokesman, we vibrate together to form the response. You are used to a self identity. We come to you as this group identity to bring to you a new level of understanding yourself.

Q: What can you tell us about taking responsibility for creating our own lives?

AZ: Creativity is your greatest tool, it is your greatest teacher and it is your greatest power. It is the place to begin our discussions. I would give you that most do not understand their own creative power. They do not understand that they create with thought. If they do, however, have some understanding of this, as an idea, it is not a principle that they hold in their daily living. Begin to understand that this is a tool to use. That creativity is your power. You come to this Earth to experiment with this very idea.

Creativity, then, takes you to the step of dreaming and by this I mean, when you look about you and see the threat of war, you must dream peace. What is, may be a warlike time with warlike people about you. But you must then move to the dream of a world of peace. And to begin to create peace as an individual and as a group.

When you wish to create it is helpful to begin with a list. It helps you to center yourself into seeing what you truly believe. Making a list allows you to bring the unconscious forward. For as you write down and you think, you truly go into a meditative state. You open yourself to receive ideas of what it is you wish in your life and you move through this time both focused on your paper and focused within for answers.

I suggest to you a list, for as you write down what you wish to create, you say, for example, "I wish to have an income of ‘X’ amount of money." In the beginning, it is a dream for you - "Would this not be nice? I will put it down." Then you look at it again and some voice says, "I could never create this." And you listen and you wonder, "Where does this come from?" You look at why, when you saw the words that had been written down as a dream, your heart sinks, for you feel that this is impossible. Why then is this impossible? What belief do you hold around this amount of money that says to you that it is impossible? The list can key you in to where your belief system works against you and your desire to create.

If your desire is "I will have associates in my work who bring joy to my life," and in a day or two you read this and there is again this pang, a sense of disturbance within self, ask yourself, "Why is this belief disturbing? Why do I not resonate with this as a possibility?" And then you realize that your concept is that most associates are a pain in the neck: "While it would be wonderful to have co- workers who bring joy to my life, the truth of my experience is that most people are a pain." This then is your belief. Why do you hold a belief that others will create disharmony or will be difficult to get along with? Do all of your friends feel this way? Does everyone you know find their co-workers difficult? I would suggest not. Do you expect too much of others? What is your belief around your relationship with others that causes you to feel that the possibility of harmony is improbable? The list then is used to help you focus on your own beliefs.

If you say, "I cannot accept, at this moment, that there would be joy in work relationships", then change it to harmony, to peacefulness, to acceptance of one another, to whatever vibrates as possible: "Yes, I could see that we would at lest not get on one another’s nerves." Or you may say, "I can visualize four out of five getting along well. But every office must have one pain." So on your list you allow for one that will be painful. You create your list aligned to your beliefs. If you create a list of what is your ideal but what is not within your beliefs as possible, you then will create at cross purposes and will not achieve your dream.

Bring your desires into line with your beliefs. Work on your beliefs, seeing how they can be changed. But do not move your affirmation or visualization beyond your own readiness to accept. When you make your list, when you desire to create, often it is, "The list is done. I am set. Now yesterday I should have the results." You are not patient in the moment, allowing. I would remind you of the woman who is pregnant. Cultivate this period of gestation in self. It is conceived; it is growing. It may not be seen yet, but the mother knows it is there. It is in this way released to its own fulfillment. To hold to it tightly, wondering as to the timing and outcome, is to hold the energy to oneself. It does not release it to the Universe that it might find its way back to you.

Q: How do you know when it’s time to release it?

AZ: I will give you what I believe to be a good pattern to follow, and you must attune it to suit yourself. To make a list once does not always find truth for you. You make it and then a day or so later you look at it again. You attune this until you feel that it is comfortable with your belief system, and then you read it over three days until it is yours. You know it; you have become one with this.

You may create a visualization around it also it. And then know, as we have spoken that the mother knows the child is growing, that this has it’s time; that it must go out, gather together those parts that are needed to return to you. And so you send it out, knowing that it will surely return as you have desired it. And in this way you release it. It is also my suggestion that you leave room for your ability to outdo even your own beliefs, adding, "I will accept more also. I will accept that which is in my own highest good." You then open the door for the Universe to provide more than you have asked.

Start with small creations, to build trust in your ability to create. It is meant to be done as an artist with love creates his painting; not to be a struggle, an effort, a pain, but a joyous expression. I will leave you with my wish that you take your creative power and create joyously.

About the Author:
Jeane Robinson is a trance channel living and working in Hopkington, Ma. She describes the entity she channels, called AZ, as "a group of twelve entities who speak as one. They are not bound by the concepts of time and place which we operate within, so it’s a little hard for them to describe the wheres and whens of their existence - they just are." Taken from Spirit of Change, Winter 1989, Whitensville, Ma.

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