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One of the "New York Boys"
by Barrie Gellis

I am one of the "New York Boys." We went up to class in Elmira weekly on Tuesdays which was about a 5-hour drive each way; for a total of 10 hours on the road. None of us really worked much in those days and all of us were between the ages of 21-23. I attended class from October 1972 to about May 1973; and then sporadically after that although I remained extremely close to my friends who still attended regularly.

There was a very mixed atmosphere in the "class" which was really just a bunch of people crowded into Jane's living room. Anyway, there was a very mixed atmosphere in the living room. There was a group of 15 to 40 people attending; always some visitors or new people; always the lights on; always a lot of wine on the table. And there was always loud talk and lively discussions with Jane sometimes directing it in certain directions and other times just being swept along with it.

When Seth came thru, everything stopped and quieted down and listened. Seth had a way of putting things that always complimented you. For example, if there was a visitor in the class who we all thought was an asshole, Seth would come thru and express what we were feeling about the guy or gal, but put it in such a way that somehow turned it into a compliment, while not losing any of the qualities which we had labeled as "asshole." I don't know if that's clear, but it was part of the atmosphere.

After Seth left, Jane would ask a class member to tell her what happened because she never was really aware of what she said as Seth. This knowledge that she would call on somebody always made me real nervous, thinking that she may call on me and my mind would go blank and I wouldn't remember anything, and anything I would remember I would say wrong anyway--so I often felt nervous, but she never called on me for that, thank God.

Seth was mostly very funny while being poignant. So, laughter and humor was a big part of the atmosphere. When the Sumari came through and sang it was either very moving or very boring - depending upon if you got into it or not. There was a character called "Seth 2". When he came through (only a few times he came through), it was very spooky and eerie. He spoke in a monotone voice and kind of removed from people, whereas Seth was very earthy and into people. As far as a "presence" felt - sometimes all of us sitting around Jane in the living room as she sat in her rocker  - somehow it felt like a Indian tribe sitting in a cave, leaning against the walls, eating, talking, while night passed outside the entrance.

The general atmosphere in the living room was always lively and anti-spiritual, lights on, funny, no spooky or scary talk, cursing and drinking and smoking allowed and accepted. People always friendly, although arguments sometimes occurred regarding philosophies or interpretations, but Seth would intervene and make both sides feel good about themselves. One message Seth kept repeating was,

"The vitality you feel in my voice is your own vitality."

He kept turning us back onto and into ourselves. When he would not answer someone's question, he would say something like, "When you ask the question, you already know the answer. If I answer you, you'll have only half the answer, but would not look further thinking you have the whole answer."

When Seth was about, you could certainly feel Jane was not talking anymore, and another "presence" was there, but it was not a ghostly feeling or presence. It was as if another person was there, and whatever feelings and energies go along with another person speaking and getting the full attention of a gathered group who all love him.

About the author
Barrie Gellis, a resident of New York City, was a member of Jane Roberts weekly ESP classes held at Jane and Rob's Water Street apartment in Elmira, NY, where Seth often put in an appearance during those informal sessions.  The above is an edited version of the answer to the first question at Barrie's site.  See  
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On Nov. 6, 1996 Barrie experienced the tragic loss of his 25-year-old son who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Buffalo, NY.  Barrie has never forsaken his Seth-type beliefs, and this event has brought about within him a more active involvement, re-examination and a more-indepth exploration of subjects such as death, simultaneous time, and a reality where thoughts are made physical.

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